Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Passes

Wow I've been real lazy updating this blog haven't I? Sheesh I never realized how long it had been since I'd last posted. At least now I really have something to say....well, sort of. Can't remember if I mentioned way back in March that the mother-in-law had fallen, broke her hip, had a hip replacement and spent about 6 weeks in hospital. She got out near the end of May and the husband went back to England to be there when she got out and make sure everything was okay for her and to put his mind at ease about her condition. Obviously with her coming up (at the time) to the ripe old age of 84 we were both concerned about her well-being once she got home. The local services in England have been great, helping get handles put in at the front for her to hold on to as she has a few steps at her front door. She now has one of those Life Alert things where she has a button around her neck in case she were to fall she could press it. Also for the first 6 weeks or so after she was out of hospital there were carers coming in 4 times a day and that continued after that but she had to pay for those. Which brings be me up to the end of August when we packed everything up, gave a bunch of stuff away, shipped some stuff and threw quite a bit out and headed back over here to England. We left Las Vegas on the 1st of September and arrived here in Newcastle on the 3rd after a short layover in Minneapolis. The husband has the wheels in motion to become his mother's full-time carer and I've been job-hunting (again). Obviously I've had to put my Etsy shop in vacation mode until I can get my PayPal accounts switched around as I already had a UK one but need to change the email addresses, etc. I've already joined a new team, the North East Crafter's and I'm hoping to meet some of the members, a few of whom I have spoken to online a bit. I even have set up a nice little area in our bedroom for all my crafting supplies and books.

I have to say that although it is going to be tough this situation as I know I've mentioned my MIL's dementia which obviously is not going to get better but I think that we really needed to leave Las Vegas as we just seemed to be stuck there for many reasons. Maybe this is going to be one of those decisions that ends up being for the best all around. Hopefully now I can keep this blog up to date a bit more often than every few months, at least I'll sure try. I did manage to make quite a few friends in the Handmade In Vegas Team and I will continue to support them no matter what and wish them all well.

Here's to a new beginning.

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