About Me

I can't say I grew up in a "crafty" household as I really didn't.  Though my father's mother was a seamstress, I barely knew her as she died when I was about 7.  My mother did a bit of sewing but mostly just fixing and hemming, nothing too elaborate.  When I was quite young I was always into making things and did quite a bit of needlepoint and crochet which I really enjoyed.  Once I got a bit older I learned to sew and in Junior High School I took sewing as an elective course.  It was the only class in all my school years that I got an A+ in.  Throughout my High School years I loved to sew and would often go shopping at the fabric store on a Saturday then on Sunday morning set my fabric out and pin my pattern on, cut it all out and just sew, even made my own prom dress.  Sadly, when I was 20 and moved to England to get married I stopped sewing and any crafting altogether.  I still miss sewing and would love to one day get back into it.

So how did I get back into all this crafting goodness?  Back in about 2001 when the husband and I got our first computer and got onto the internet, my first ever search was "crochet".  I had really enjoyed crochet and found that on this great worldwide web there were millions of free patterns and information.  I started slowly getting back into crocheting, even coming up with a few designs of my own.  Though after a while I wasn't getting as much out of as I had previously had and decided to try something new.  In 2005, I picked up a copy of Bead & Button magazine and saw all this amazing jewelry designs....then I was hooked.  At the time we were living in England and finding supplies wasn't as easy then.  We had decided to move back to the States and I looked into jewelry making classes in Las Vegas and found a bead shop that taught chain maille classes.  I don't what it is about chain maille that fascinates me, maybe it's the Anglophile in me, but I just love it.  Thus, my passion was born.

My other passions are travel, sports and music which the husband and I have tried to combine over the years.  We try to go to new cities (and countries) to see sports events or concerts whenever we can and money permitting.  Of course, I always try to find a new bead shop too!