Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorites For Friday

Lately, I've wanted things that are convenient (as well as being handmade). I love the idea of a solid perfume whether it is in a stick or a nice little pot. There are so many on Etsy to choose from and of course, you have to pick a scent. I prefer flowery scents but to be honest some of them I don't have a clue what they may smell like unless they give me an idea of the different scents included. This weeks favorites are a few I've been looking at and would like to share. The last one probably wouldn't be a good scent if you have a

Sun and Sand Handmade Solid Cologne - Batty's Bath

Patchouli Dusk Solid Perfume - Simple Traditions

Solid Perfume Stick Magnolia - Plum Valley Notions

Wild Flowers Solid Perfume - Daisy Cakes Soap

Bacon (YES Bacon) Solid Perfume - Pink Parchment Soaps

So what do you think of that last it something you would wear??

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