Friday, March 4, 2011

Favorites for Friday

Spring has sprung here in Las Vegas, well at least for now it has. That may change in a week but right now it is the warmest it has been for ages. I actually walked to work without a jacket on Thursday morning. Spring is the best time of year here in Las Vegas though because we are in the desert you don't have the lovely flowers and trees blossoming as much as you do elsewhere. Shame as it's one of my most favorite things about Spring. So this week I decided to share some Spring from Etsy with you.

Brighten Up Your Day Wreath - Horn's Home and Garden

Blue Potpourri Twirl Dress - Berry Patch USA

Fresh Everyday Bag - Sinem Inugur

Fuschia, Purple & White Flower Felt - Cherry Blossom Way

Ostara Pastel Eggs Candles - White Magick Shoppe

If the weather has not cheered up where you are yet then I hope these items give you won't be long!

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  1. Love the!!!!