Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorites For Friday

No green beer here but I do have some very interesting items to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. All of these items are from Etsy (as always) and boy was there quite a few to choose from. I love how something is just green and someone has used the tag of St. Patrick's Day but I guess if you are going to celebrate it then you need something green ... no matter what it may be! These were a few of my favorites.

McTavish The Irishman - Mary's Monkeys

May The Road Rise Blessing Trinity Knot - My Serenity Way

Glass Lampwork Four Leaf Clover Pendant - Boomwire

Guinness Sugar Cookies & Shamrock Cookie Nibbles - Crafted Cookies

Lucky Charm & Silver Shamrock Earrings - Ali C's Creations

The one nice thing (in my opinion) about St. Patricks Day is the fact that no matter whether you are Irish or matter what religion, you can celebrate the day. The Irish are very welcoming like that, more than happy to have everyone join in with the celebrations. Hope yours is a good one.


  1. Glass Lampwork Four Leaf Clover Pendant have lighted me up literally. This artwork influenced me greatly. Your sharing of 'art miracles' with us bloomed with the visual poetry and thus rejuvenated my heart. Thank you for the help to open my eyes wider