Friday, January 14, 2011

Favorites for Friday

I don't know about anyone else, but I do know that when I'm down one of the few things that can make me smile and forget all my troubles are animals. Not sure exactly what it is but they just do, mostly it has to be their expressions and yes, animals do have expressions as some of these photos will attest to. I hope some of these photos will make you smile like they did me when I was searching through Etsy for animal photos.

Where's My Carrot? - Angels Time

Raccoon Family - Sara Montour

Chillin' Polar Bear - Nature Is Art Photography

This last photograph was one that I spotted in today's Etsy newsletter and was the reason for today's Favorites. That face just made me smile and the story behind the otter's good behavior made me laugh - he's being good as there is food involved!

Otter says PLEASE - An Alliteration

Hope you enjoyed these cute photos from a few of the talented photographers over on Etsy. I also wanted to apologize for only posting on Fridays but to be honest, there hasn't been much to share. Hopefully that will change soon.


  1. All the animals put a smile on my face too! I have a bookmark with that squirrel on it that I just love!