Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorites For Friday

It's January in Las Vegas and that means one thing - the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This convention is huge and is where all the new and exciting electronics are unveiled. Thinking about it, I decided that this weeks Favorites would be from Etsy (as always) but I decided to peruse the Vintage section for my picks. Funny how things have changed so much in many ways yet basically stayed the same. I wonder if anyone reading this will wonder what some of the items are as they are too young to know!

Western Electric D-1 Telephone - Big Year Bird Photography

EE Hermes Baby Typewriter - Dapper Dean

Vintage Cassette-Tape-Recorder-Voice-Mic - Lovely Vintage Etc.

1946 Emerson 504 Tube Radio - 4 Eyes and Ears

8mm Kodak Brownie Movie Camera - Portobello Marketplace

I remember when I was a kid and finally got one of those cassette player/recorders. I thought it was the greatest thing as you do when you are young. As my parents were into Antiques and going to shows, many of these items were old even back when I was a kid. Fun to check them out again.

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