Friday, October 1, 2010

Favorites For Friday

Guess what woke me up this morning? RAIN! It's been close to 100 degrees without any let-up and them BAM! now it's Autumn and we have rain in the desert. I haven't had a chance to look outside yet but I'm sure there is a rainbow somewhere so that is what I used to get my favorites for this week.

Tie Dye Rainbow Swirl Maxi Dress - Inspiring Color

Bright Rainbow Tote - Interference Channel

Rainbow Crochet & Crystal Clippie Set - The Girlie Girl Bowtique

OOAK 3X Goblins - Tanglewood Thicket

Mariah Rainbow Geode Stone Necklace - Briana Rose

Nothing like a bit of color to make the day a bit brighter.



  1. Great rainbow finds! Hope you don't get too much rain to cause floods but just enough to freshen everything up!

  2. Sharla, fortunately we got barely any rain. Was an absolutely humid but nice afternoon!