Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Emergency Arts

photo courtesy of Las Vegas Arts and Culture

Ever come to Las Vegas and just get sick of losing your a$$ at the casinos?? Man, you ought to try living here! Here is a suggestion of where you can stop by next time you happen to be visiting. The Emergency Arts building is in downtown Las Vegas at 520 E. Fremont street, right across the street from the El Cortez which you can see in the background of this photo.

I happened to go there today to meet up with my friend Lynne who has two shops over on Etsy - HiJinx for Handknit and Crocheted items and Adamson Art for all her amazing paintings. Most of the shops inside were closed but we did have a wander around and saw some cool artwork.

Let me tell you something interesting about this used to be a medical center. My husband even went there once for a physical when he was applying for some job years ago. All the artists are using the former examining rooms...wild!

It was a bit quiet today which is to be expected as it was a Wednesday afternoon but they do have a lot of events there. It was nice to finally check it out and good to see that East Fremont Street is starting to get some love and it looks so much nicer down there.

Hope you can check it out if you are ever in this neck of the woods. After that you can check out the Arts District which I'll tell you about some other time.

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  1. Interesting to change a medical building into an arts building! I'll have to look it up next time I go out there.