Friday, September 24, 2010

Favorites For Friday

On Monday I started to feel a bit rough, achy and well, like I was about to get a cold or the flu. I realize that despite the fact that it is now Fall in most Northern Hemisphere locations that does not mean anything here in Las Vegas. So by Tuesday it was on and I sat in all day trying to sweat it out which wasn't hard since it is still about 100 degrees most days here. I even had intended to do a post earlier in the week but that was out as I could barely move. So, this weeks favorites are from my own personal faves on Etsy, a way to cheer myself up (if I had the $$) after feeling so terrible earlier in the week. I'm sure you will enjoy some of these too.

100 Custom Earring Cards - PixelbyPixel

Liquid Mineral Eyeliner - NatureGirlz

Mineral Lipstick Orchid - SkinBodyworks

50 Personalized Logo Labels (2" Round or Square) - Bleu Soleil Design

Cute Heart Sterling Silver Ring - TDN Creations

Let's be honest, shopping always makes a woman (and some men - though NOT my husband) feel better. I know that shopping for make-up certainly gives me a boost. Anything to make me look better will do Jewelry, despite the fact that I make it, always makes me feel good too. The others are items I really would like to have to make my shop a bit more complete. I know I'm not rolling in sales but, hey, it would be nice to have a nice uniform and more professional look.


  1. Hope you're feeling better! I like your favs too, especially that ring!

  2. Hope you feel better today, Love that lipstick and the little silver ring too.