Friday, September 17, 2010

Favorites For Friday

It's that time of year, when the leaves start to fall from the trees. If I had a bucket list (which I don't) then one of the top things on it to do would be to visit the New England area during the time when the leaves change. All the beautiful colors! On that note, that is the theme for this week....leaves.

Set of Pistachio Autumn Leaves - Earthenwood

Branch of Leaves Bracelet - Fourviere Hill Jewelry

Messenger Bag - Sinem Inugur

Glowing Leaves 5x7 Fine Art Photograph - Joy Tanner Photography

Autumn Soap Leaves - Enchanting Soap Favors

I hope you enjoy these, even if you happen to be in the Southern Hemisphere where it is almost the start of Spring.


  1. Great feature! As I'm sure you already know, I never seem to get tired of leaves. :)