Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All Alone

The husband left today (not me) to fly back to England. He is going to get his mother for a visit. I did a post about her visit last year here. As I was re-reading the post I realized that I had not mentioned the fact that when she arrived by herself she was very confused. She has her good days where she is "with it" but some days especially when she was here were not good at all. We really just think it is Dementia as opposed to Alzheimer's which I suppose is a good thing. So that is why he has gone back so she has a chaperon to here and back. Hard for him but worth it so she can have a vacation.

I decided to intersperse some of my newest photos in between since I will be busy taking some more while he is away. Oh and cleaning, of course.

I think I'm really getting the hang of this photo taking thing. One thing I do have to say was/is a big help is to use your timer on your camera. I have such shaky hands that I was always getting blur even with a tripod. Also, I always take at least 2 shots in each position and change my settings so I can choose which one seems more genuine as far as colors, etc.

A friend of mine just placed an order with Nile Corp and asked me if I wanted anything. They have some nice displays at very reasonable prices so I had her order me a leatherette pillow and bracelet display ramp for taking photos. In the top shot I used some paper rolled up and placed the bracelet around it. Works but I'd rather have something that won't end up crinkling. I've found that I really do prefer very simple and plain shots of just my jewelry though I know that a lot of people like to add some kind of prop or different colored backgrounds. That is just me and I can't say that it is the right way as I have seen some product shots with those aspects and they have been amazing.


  1. I think it's great that your husband flew over there to escort his Mum back for a visit! It's no fun being left behind, but I'm sure you'll manage just fine! I hope you have a great vist!

  2. Hope your husband and his mom have a safe trip! My grandma has Dementia and it's really tough - she forgets things two seconds after they happened so she truly lives in the moment. She does remember things that happened prior to about 1990 which is odd but good I guess. We are thankful it's not Alzheimers though as her mood is not affected.

    I like how you photographed those bracelets and really love the purple one!

  3. Sharla, funny you should say that about your grandma as his mother can tell you all about things that happened 20, 30, 50 years ago...but ask what she had for lunch yesterday and she is clueless. Such a weird thing, the brain and how it deteriorates and does that to us. Oh and thanks