Thursday, May 21, 2009

Playing Tourist

My 81 year old mother-in-law is visiting from England, so we are playing tourist while she is here. Funny thing is she really isn't interested in visiting all the fancy casinos on The Strip much. Her favorite place is Red Rock Canyon and we drove up there last Saturday. The first photo was at a shop in the MGM Grand on the one night when we took her there and to the Bellagio to watch the show they have in the fountains at the front. If you haven't been to Las Vegas this show is great and it's a free one. Basically, they have different themes of music and the fountains "dance" to the music. She did enjoy that. She is definitely a good sport and tried the "Elton John" sunglasses on to amuse her son.

Saturday was super hot when we went to Red Rock Canyon so of course at one point it was break time. Sadly this spot was not in the shade but at least she could sit down. She is 81 and not used to 90+ degree weather. We may need to take her back up there this Saturday before she leaves. I think this will be her last visit over here but that will be another post.

Well, we didn't go on any of the rides on top of the Stratosphere Tower but Sunday we did go to the top and take a few snaps. That is Las Vegas Boulevard AKA The Strip behind us. The views up there are spectacular although you can see it was a hazy day. Never been up there at night but that would have to amazing too with all the lights in the valley. Oh and yes there are rides up there, check them out here. It's always weird that you live somewhere like Las Vegas and never really do these things until someone visits. Even more weird since we live pretty close to The Strip. At least it's a great excuse to play tourist.


  1. We used to have a tourist day every few months. We'd go see Big Elvis at the Barbary Coast and then wander the strip. Haven't done it in a long time.

    I've lived here about 6 years and not far from Red Rock but I've only been there once and only drove through. I can't imagine being there with the heat we're having now. I'm not has hardy as your 81 year old MIL.

    Maybe she'd like Springs Preserve? I haven't been there yet but it seems very nature-y. And they are doing some Shakespeare this weekend.

  2. It really is fun to play tourist in your own hometown.

  3. I've been to Springs Preserve once and it is a great day there but she likes to just stare at the mountains. Went there again today, she just can't get enough.

  4. Love it ~ This lady has a sense of humor as she's stylin in those fab sunglasses!!

  5. Ooo, I love Red Rock Canyon - and Valley of Fire too!

  6. Did she buy them glasses then? Seems she's enjoyed herself