Friday, July 16, 2010

Favorites For Friday

Well, I had intended to do another post earlier this week but I got side tracked looking for work and various other things. Then when I realized it is now Friday and I was trying to think of a good topic for my Favorites this dawned on me. Jobs! I actually went and did a search on Etsy with just the word job and here are a few things I came up with that caught my eye. One thing I will say is that if you are like me and looking for work, no matter how hard things get you have to attempt to still have a sense of humor about the whole situation. If you don't then that is when you will be in the depths of despair and believe me, I know.

Team Laid Off Tank - Junkprints

The Daily Grind Original Painting - Green Eyes Art Shop

Prosperity, Career & Money Spell Candle - Free Will Magick

Custom Resume & Cover Letter Package - Resumes by Dana

I hope no one is easily offended by this last one but there is kind of a story behind my reason for choosing it which I will explain below.

I Hear Prostitution is Recession Proof Cookies - Bitter Baking Company

So here is the story, about a year ago my husband came in and had this story to tell me. He was in the convenience store buying a paper when he overheard this conversation. I must remind you that this IS Las Vegas so really this is not an unusual conversation I guess. Even after living here for 16 years I still kinda have a hard time coming to terms with how bizarre a place Las Vegas is.

1st Man - Hey dude how's it going?
2nd Man - Not so good, no work, things aren't looking good.
1st Man - Oh man, that stinks.
2nd Man - Yeah, things are so bad my woman had to go back to hooking (me-now you'd thing the 1st man would be like OMG!!!!)
1st Man - Really, man that stinks (very matter of factly)

Again, I apologize if you are offended but when I saw these cookies it totally reminded me of that bizarre conversation my husband overheard. I can only say that I know that you would never hear a conversation like that ANYWHERE else in the world or if you did then the 1st man/woman would be freaking out. Hope you enjoyed these favorites since I chose them as they actually made me smile which as I say is the most important thing in these times right now.

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  1. In any other city I'd probably think the 2nd man actually said his woman had to go back to cooking but Vegas is so not like any other city! :D