Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorites For Friday

Well, Monday is Valentine's Day and my personal preference for a gift is candy. I make my own jewelry so that is no good and flowers are pretty but they die after a short time. At least with candy you can savor it! So this weeks favorites are some candy items, both the real thing and a few that are inspired by candy.

Sterling Silver Pink Candy Ring - Micah Jones Studio

Dark Chocolate Fluer de Sel Heart - Calabasas Candy Co.
(MMMM Dark Chocolate is my fave!)

Red Hots Lip Candy - For Goodness Grape

Cupcake Magnet or Charm - Shimrit'a

A True Sweetheart Necklace - Stoopidgerl's Shop

At very least, looking at these yummy items won't add any pounds or kilos. Though if I got my hands on those dark chocolate truffles there would be no stopping me.

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