Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Painting Pottery

Firstly, two things, apologies for the photo quality and second....I'm no Picasso!!! Now on to the fun part, my friend Jennifer and I decided to spend an evening at The Artful Potter here in Las Vegas. We went on the last Thursday of October as that is when they have Ladies Night. It was really fun and basically on that night you pay a $10 deposit but if you bring a dish to eat then your $10 goes towards your piece of pottery you purchase then paint. Luckily there were quite a few others there. I decided I needed a few new drinks coasters in the apartment which is the first photo of one of the coasters I made...both are the same. I didn't know until AFTER I had painted it free-hand that there were stencils I could have used..lol.

Bad photo but this is a donut pendant that I painted. Once I decide what to do with it then I'll get a better photo. They also had some triangle pendants and beads you could paint.

Another donut pendant, again, I'll get a better photo once I fix it all up.

We had a great time and plan to get a bigger group of friends together and do it again in the New Year. Next time I think I'll do a few small plates but they did have a great selection of large and small items you could paint and the range of colors is great. At least next time I'll be prepared so I may use some stencils.

Lastly, these are my new earring cards I ordered from an Etsy seller. If I had my own printer I most likely would have done them myself but I don't right now and it was a better price than going to Kinko's to print them. They came out pretty good and they didn't come with holes but I had bought the small hole punch at Michael's.


  1. I love those pottery painting places! My husband and I did a bunch of mugs we gave as presents and then we made a set of salad/dessert plates to use at home. It's so much fun!

  2. I enjoy those pottery places too although I'm not very artistic but it's still fun. I really like your earring cards too!