Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorites For Friday

In less than one weeks time all of America will be celebrating Thanksgiving. I missed Thanksgiving once, no...really....totally lost the day as the husband and I were flying to Australia and we left on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and arrived Down Under on the Friday! Ahh that was many years ago but I have to say that Thanksgiving is a holiday I have always preferred to any other. Something about all the baking that my mother did when I was a kid maybe or could be because I believe it is a very important holiday as far as the US is concerned. I know that other countries have their own important holidays too so I'm sure even my non-US readers will get my drift. Here are a few Thanksgiving items I found while perusing the pages of Etsy.

Cute Pilgrim Girls Costume - fwcreations4all

Mayflower Ship Ring Resin Art - Morrow Lane

Thanksgiving Turkey Bib - Lady Cavendish & Little Sis

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hair Clip Set - Celtic Tide Creations

Thanksgiving Lollipop Favors - Simple Tastes

Hope you have enjoyed these lovely picks this week, you may still have time to pick up some of these handmade items!

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