Monday, August 23, 2010

My Home Back!

The husband left on Saturday to escort his mother back to England and he is due back late tonight (Monday). Of course, I haven't had much time to myself as I've been trying to clean up after she left. Also, it was just nice to not have to worry about entertaining her which has been very tiring for us both. I will say this about the dementia/memory thing....she forgets she's been somewhere and we can take her over and over again!

During her time her, the mother in law got real tired, real easy. She is 83 so it was to be expected and of course the super hot weather (108 most days) can tire anyone out. She took quite a few naps which was time we had to just relax and maybe get a few household chores achieved. I did manage to work on a few new jewelry items including the above earrings. I have these really cool spikes which aren't real spikey and are made of aluminum so they weigh next to nothing. I did make an anklet with a few but I still have quite a few left and grabbed a few rings and whipped these earrings up.

Over the past week and half I actually have had 3 sales on Etsy which is great considering I re-opened my shop back in June. It was just like I had opened it from the beginning all over again...waiting for that "first" sale. By the way, I'm loving the new wider pages over on Etsy, looks so much better and cleaner.

Now that things are sort of back to normal I shall hopefully be able to post more regularly and will definitely have my Favorites For Friday back this week.


  1. Apropos of nothing at all - I love the Cleopatra bracelet!

  2. Glad things went well with your mother in law and hope your husband has a safe trip home tonight! My grandma has dementia so I understand about the forgetting things when they just happened not long ago. Anyway, congrats on your sales! I really like those new earrings!