Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mt Charleston

Of course, with the mother-in-law visiting I have not had the time I wanted on the computer, or for myself period. Things got a bit worse last Friday when the husband went out to work shortly before 8am as he always does, only for him to be back in by 9am. Laid off! This causes problems for many reason, money being the main one but also he would take his mother with him. He drives around Las Vegas as a courier so she could tag along in the car and she enjoyed the sights. Money-wise it stinks because the MIL doesn't like to do much other than play on the video poker machines and as you can imagine right now in Vegas they do not hit much. The casinos have to make money somehow.

So, it was good last Sunday when we had an excuse to take her up to Mt Charleston which is about an hour from Vegas. We have lived here for 16 years and this was the first time we had gone up there. The best thing was the Handmade in Vegas Team had organized a great Craft Fair up there. The photo above is where the fair was held and it's a lovely place called The Resort. Click the link and check out their site especially the photos around the area. I definitely would love to go back there and stay for a night. I can only imagine how beautiful the scenery is during winter when there is snow up there.

There were quite a few vendors and everyone I spoke to said it was a good show so I'm very happy for them and hopefully that means that there are people out here in Vegas who want quality, handmade goods. I did manage to get a beautiful wood cutting board which I shall have to take a photo of and post it here for all to see. I really needed one too so it was good to finally get it and it is just a small one but really beautifully made. Shame money is so tight right now because there were some other amazing items I would have loved to have bought. One woman had some gorgeous fused glass pieces and there was one bowl in particular that I would have loved to have bought but at least I grabbed her card so I can call when I want one.

Hope all my blog friends are keeping well and enjoying the Summer despite the fact that it is almost over....can you believe that?? Until the MIL leaves I may be posting less frequently so I apologize in advance and hope you keep stopping by just to see if I have managed to get a few minutes to write something.


  1. Sorry to hear your husband has been laid off. I hope everything works out for him and he finds something even better!

    The Resort looks like a beautiful place and I'm glad you had a good time at the craft fair! I haven't been up to Mt Charleston yet but hope to some time.

  2. Oh Theresa, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband being laid off. It seems like these days we all take 1 step forward and then take 2 back. Best of luck with the job search and I'm confident he will find the perfect job! Stay well my friend!

  3. Theresa - I'm so sorry your husband has been laid off :(
    Wishing him the BEST of luck for finding a suitable job! And fast!

    I'm glad there's still a lot of interest for handmade goods out there. Motivates one to keep going. Maybe next time you can vend there too? Looks like an awesome place!

    take care and good luck!