Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meeting with The Boss....

in the swamps of Jersey aka Giants Stadium. If you've read my blog for a bit then you will be able to figure that one out! So, I won't be posting or doing any Entrecard drops until Monday. On that note, I have decided to leave you with some eye candy until I get back. These are a few new items I've been working on lately. Funny thing about the first pair of earrings is when I showed them to the husband he says "They aren't very even". Ummm yeah that was kinda the point. They are meant to be random swirls of silver and rose wire.

More rose wire with a 4mm rose Swarovski bicone dangling at the bottom.

Lucite flower earrings in red with a handmade ear wire in sterling silver.

Hammered copper wire swirls.

I'm planning on adding quite a few items to my Artfire shop since they are having a promotion during the month of October for anyone who has a Basic Account, you can list as many items as you'd like over the normal 12 you are allowed. For FREE! I figure I'll take advantage even though I haven't sold a thing on there yet maybe if I add more items then I'll have more of a chance. I know that lately I've read over on the Etsy forums that a lot of people are closing their shops on Artfire because of lack of sales. It's worth giving it a few weeks and if still nothing then I can always list/relist over on Etsy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll see ya Monday!


  1. I love those pink earrings, so whimisical. I've been hearing that about Artfire too. I have decided to stick it out with Etsy since it is on all of my business cards and well it's really just an on-line portfolio for me at this point anyways. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the first pair. They remind me of a pair of earrings I had bought from Avon years ago but they were perfectly symetrical. I like yours better :)

  3. what do men know...hehehe. i think the randomness is great! i like all of your pieces, keep up the good work. have a wonderful day...hugz!

  4. cutest pair of earrings i have ever seen....really nice!!!