Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Neighbor From Hell Update

Well, it didn't quite go as we had planned but we have moved. We were going to move to a unit in the middle but on Thursday night when my husband got in from work we went to take a few things over and as we were about to go up the stairs an older gentleman introduces himself as our new neighbor. Then when we tell him we are just moving from the other unit he says "Oh you're the ones from X unit" in a very snotty tone and also how did he know which unit we were in? Great, moving next door to a gossip. So, we go upstairs and walk in and the music from below is so loud the room was shaking! I almost started crying as there is no way I could live with that. I like music as much as anybody and if I'm at a concert and it's loud that is fine but NOT in an apartment. We even went downstairs to introduce ourselves and this woman did not even turn the music down when we were at the door. She then gave us some BS that the walls are thin....omg no walls are THAT thin.

So, we go back to the our apartment and I phone the landlord and of course he is not available so I leave a message saying that we are just not moving there either. I'd rather have nutty down below than loud music. Worst thing is that Thursday I was running back and forth to get the lease, signed it, went back to drop it off then had to go back to get keys. No wonder I have gray hair!!

Friday morning, I go to return the keys and later the landlord finally calls. He has two other units available and I go to look at those. One is on the ground floor which we aren't really interested in and the other is at the front of the complex and on a corner which I really like. SO, we have now moved as far as possible from nutty and are on a corner. I'm still trying to sort through everything and am almost done but it was so worth it in the end. Even on Saturday when we were moving all the furniture, one of the guys helping out was on our balcony and nutty came out and looks up with a sneer and the moving guy says "Hey, how's it going?". Did nutty respond? NO he just gives the guy a dirty look. Good riddance!! We introduced ourselves to the guy below us and he seems like a pretty nice and quiet guy. I think he's married although his wife wasn't there at the time.

So thanks for all your comments, it is much appreciated. I firmly believe that if something isn't working in your life than you need to change it even if it is costly such as this has been.


  1. its so nice to hear that you got sorted in the end. I feel for you both as we have neighbours that can be really difficult, sometimes I find it hard to control myself when all I want to do is scream 'shut up'. I hope you'll be very happy in your new home. x

  2. Good luck in your new place. It's just no fun having nasty neighbors, whether they be nutty or noisy. :-)

  3. I hope you find some peace and quiet in your new apartment. We cannot imagine moving back to the city, let alone in an apartment, after having lived out in the country like we do now. A large part of why we moved to where we are was we couldn't stand the crabby and nosy neighbors in the city. Now our neighbors are far enough away that we can be a support system for each other when needed but aren't intruding into each other's lives otherwise. I'll think good thoughts for you and pray that your new apartment is a good move for you!

  4. OMG what an experience! Still, they do say all good things are worth waiting for ;)
    Good luck in your new home.

  5. This thread reminds me of that old but good Neighbour from Hell PC Game. >.<