Friday, February 20, 2009

Working On Photos

Yesterday I spent the day at a friend's house and we took pictures all day. Most were in her backyard but I did bring my "lightbox" (it's a home-made one) with me for us to play with. Her husband decided at 1pm to set it all up which didn't give us much time since my husband was picking me up around 3pm. So this is one of the ones we took in the lightbox. It took a lot of playing with her fancy camera and moving about 6 lights around but we did get some great shots in the end. I left my lights and lightbox for them to play with and I will probably go back again next week to play some more. Her camera has more settings than Imelda Marcos had shoes so I'm hoping they can figure out all the right settings for the next time. I find the main problem with any kind of metal jewelry is getting it right so that it doesn't wash out the color of the metal.
If only I could find some budding photographer at the local Community College who wants to build up his/her portfolio then I'd be set but till then we will keep on playing. Beats sitting in the apartment all day.


  1. That picture came out wonderfully! That's a good idea, to check out the college students. I have a photographer friend who has wanted to try jewelry so she's going to try to do some of mine and in exchange, I'm making her a pair of earrings. Just a matter of when I'll see her to give her some jewelry.