Monday, February 23, 2009

Blog Love

This week I'm sending out some Blog Love to Plow and Pony. I found this wonderful blog through Entrecard and well, I just love the name as well as the blog. I'm just like Plow and Pony, I drop as much as I can and love to read all the blogs. Now, I was using Internet Explorer and so Sunday when I was doing my drops and stopped by and read this blog post, I Love Entrecard! I had been debating adding Firefox onto my computer for ages but this blog post convinced me to get up early Monday morning and get it on my computer. Now I have Firefox AND the Entrecard toolbar. Wow what a difference! Before in IE my computer either froze up or else after about 20 drops I would have to go and clear my cache. None of that now, just smooth dropping and I can actually enjoy reading all the great blogs out there. Don't forget to check out her shop on Etsy too I have my eye on that Hemp Oil Soap. Nothing better than handmade soap! So thanks Plow and Pony for that great information and a great blog.

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