Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tagged for Life

So, I just noticed that I have actually been tagged 3 times. I guess I should play and at least it gives me something to write about! Here are the rules regarding tag:
  1. Each blogger has to reveal 7(8 according to some) random facts about his or herself.
  2. People who are tagged have to post the rules.
  3. At the end, I have to choose 7(or 8) people to tag.
  4. I then need to leave a comment for each person who has been tagged, telling them that they are "it".
  5. The "taggee" needs to then leave a comment for the person who tagged them to read your list.

Here are my random facts about me:

  1. I love Indian food - tandoori chicken, aloo gobi. I could probably eat it most days. Mexican food on the others.
  2. I'm a BIG Boss fan, as in Bruce Springsteen. We travel all over to see him and went to 7 shows on the last tour and none were home shows in Las Vegas (he didn't play here).
  3. Despite growing up about an hour from San Francisco I did not go to my first Giants Baseball game until I was in my 20's.
  4. My wedding was at 9am on a Saturday morning in Newcastle, England and at 3pm we were at St. James' Park to watch a soccer (football) game.
  5. I am most vain with regards to my teeth. I could go bald and buy a wig but I never want to lose my teeth.
  6. I was a punk in High School (still am really). Complete with varying shades of hair color from week to week.
  7. I DO NOT like Chick Flicks, give me Pulp Fiction any day.

Now, on to who I shall tag. I hope a few decide to play.

  1. Strawberry Anarchy
  2. Chez Chani
  3. Dragons Fire Chainmaille Designs
  4. Rojagato Designs
  5. Jude McConkey
  6. Red Books & Chairs
  7. Timeless Designs

So have fun and don't forget to let me know so I can see your random facts.


  1. wow cool thanks for tagging me! i wont tag other people since i just did that in a similar way for my last blog post but i will write the 7 different facts! ! i will have to get my thinking cap on!

  2. Ditto Strawberry. I've tagged people on several different games so I'm just going to do my 7 different facts, which will be different than my 7 wonders, and hopefully different than my last 7 facts. But who doesn't love to talk about themselves? (PS I'm from Montreal and never went to a professional hockey game.)

  3. My 7 useless facts of Elayne blog has now been posted...

  4. haha i just posted my useless facts too! so check them out !