Friday, April 22, 2011

Favorites For Friday

It's been a while, that is what happens when you get a Actually, it has been weird working after being unemployed for 2 years and of course, in my job I have a different schedule every week. Some days working early and others working later. Fortunately I don't have to do any graveyard shifts otherwise I really would be up a creek! I was wracking my brain trying to think of something good for this weeks favorites seeing as it had been a while and I went to my favorites over on Etsy and decided to spotlight some beautiful niobium pieces. If you don't know this already (which I'm sure you do) niobium is a great metal for those with metal allergies. Now, to the best part.

WYSIWYG Niobium Spin 'em In Earrings - Element 41

Parallel Helm Chainmaille Bracelet - Greenstar Jewellery

Coiled Niobium Toggle Clasp - C & T Designs

Rainbow Peacock Earrings - Late Night Muse

Cerulean Blue Fantasy Earrings - On The Bead

As you can see by my picks, I prefer niobium when it has been anodized. It changes to some amazing colors.


  1. Those are amazing, Theresa! Thx for explaining about niobium. Love how the colours change in that first pair of earrings.

    wishing you a pleasant Easter holiday!

  2. Great blog post Theresa! Thanks so much for including my Parallel Helm Bracelet. Those earrings are all so colourful. Love the Niobium Spin 'em Earrings!

    Happy Easter to you too! <3