Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rocky Mountain High......

Colorado!! I hope everyone had a safe and Happy 4th of July. The husband and I decided to go on a little road trip. I'm sure you figured it out but if you haven't, we went to Denver, Colorado. It was just a fleeting visit and we drove all 11 hours to get there. Not a trip I'd make again as it was very tiring but, hey you only live once. Along the drive you pass through the top Northwest corner of Arizona before driving through Utah then onto Colorado.

Some of the amazing scenery on the way, just like something out of a John Wayne movie!

I wonder if they filmed movies like "High Chaparral" around these parts? If we had had more time I would have loved to have stopped at Moab, Bryce Canyon or one of the many other amazing State Parks.

This is the Colorado State Capitol Building which was a few blocks away from the motel we stayed at and on the way to Coors Field.

Oh yes!!! Can't spend the 4th of July anywhere else but at a baseball game. If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know that when we travel it is usually to go to a concert or a sporting event. More than likely it will be a baseball game and so here we were in Denver and the Giants were playing there over the weekend. Boy, was it a historic baseball game as well. We arrived at Coors Field for the a 1pm start and the game lasted 15 innings!!! That was 5 hours and 24 minutes of baseball!!!! The longest game at Coors Field in their short history.

We stayed till the very end and of course we lost. We even got soaked because as you can see it was a bit cloudy. I can't remember what inning it was or what time but we got some serious rain and we were sitting out in the open. Funny thing was, earlier it was very warm and we had to put on sunscreen. They have a great ballpark there so it was a nice little road trip.


  1. Glad to hear you had a great time. That is some awesome scenery. Must have made the long ride much nicer

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! There is some gorgeous scenery along the way and the game sounds like a lot of fun - sorry the Giants lost but yay for the Rockies! We used to love going to Coors Field when we lived in CO - such a fun stadium!

  3. I was just in Denver for work, about 2 weeks ago! Stayed close to Coors' Field. I've seen others who just visited Denver too! Sounds like you had a great time!

  4. Sharla, it is a nice stadium. Though I am a fan of the newer West Coast ones like Coors, Petco and of course, AT&T. Shame it had to be such a short visit as I would have loved to have seen a bit more.