Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Photography Tutorials

Are you familiar with Moonangelnay and her brilliant blog which has some amazing photography tutorials?? If you are not, then you need to! Thanks to these tutorials I think I have gotten a better hang of getting my product photos to a point where the only thing I need to do is crop them. Isn't that the secret to great product photos? Not having to adjust much of anything with photo editing software?

I've included in this post, a few of Naomi's photos to show you how good she is and so (in my opinion) makes her more than qualified to give advice.

All of Naomi's articles can also be found on Handmade Spark. You definitely need to take some time to read these tutorials as they will help you immensely as they have me. One thing I have learned about product photography is to always strive for better photos. Even when you think you have it down pat you need to constantly be working at them. I certainly hope you get as much out of the tutorials as I have.


  1. Those photos are lovely! I'm always working on my photos of my jewelry and still have a ways to go. I'll have to check out her blog!

  2. I wasn't familiar with this site but learning how to improve my photography is always a bonus!!! Thank you for the link! :-)

  3. In answer to your question on my blog, I'm pretty sure that the book does have a good pattern for beading over wooden beads. :)

  4. wow, just dropping my cards when i noticed this fab post about my articles... that's so sweet of you to feature me! In a fab mood now! (just been food shopping... eek lol!) Thanks ever so much again!