Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Day At The Zoo

No, I don't mean a visit to family either. The San Diego Zoo actually. About 3 weeks ago, the husband and I took a road trip to San Diego as we needed a little break. The San Francisco Giants were playing baseball down that way so we figured, what the heck it's only about a 5 hour drive. Since both baseball games were at night we thought it would be fun to go to either the zoo or SeaWorld. Well, have you seen how much it costs to get into SeaWorld??? Even the zoo was expensive but I did manage to find a site that it ended up being $5 less than if we had bought the tickets on the zoo's site. Now I do have to admit that I'm not for zoo's but I'm also not entirely against them either. We have been to a few that are amazing such as Sydney's Taronga Zoo which I believe is hands down THE best zoo in the world but we also went to one that almost left me in tears at the state of the animals (Bangkok's zoo). All in all it was a fun day and I managed to get some decent shots.

Amazing colors on both the tiger and the reptiles, which are my favorites next to dogs (no dogs in the zoo though).

Some more cool colors on the snake.

Don't you just love when a peacock has it's feathers all spread out and open like this?!

Last but not least, a baby meerkat. He was so far away and my camera isn't real good at zooming in so it's not the best shot. Poor thing got stuck and was trying his best to get around then his mother came over and was feeding/sheltering him from the viewing public. Just adorable though.

The Giants managed to lose the game on the Monday night, which we stayed and watched till the bitter end. Tuesday nights game we had to leave about 9pm-ish in order to drive back to Vegas and not arrive TOO late and wouldn't you know it, they managed to win that one as we listened on the radio along the 15 back home. Story of our lives!


  1. That's too bad you missed the end of the game but glad you had a good time! I've heard a lot about the San Diego Zoo but have never been yet but hope to one day.

  2. at least you had something fun to listen to on the road! {:-D

  3. wow - that peacock is absolutely gorgeous!