Friday, February 26, 2010

Who Wants Spring??

Since it seems this winter is lasting a little longer and is a little more rough than usual for most, I thought I'd do some lovely items to cheer us all up. My search on Etsy used the word "Spring" and these are some beauties I came up with.

Summer Garden Beaded Necklace - Kim Smith

Ok so I got ahead of myself with this necklace from Kim Smith with it being a Summer necklace but it is so beautiful I couldn't resist including it.

Little Spring Tulip Cookies - Lori's Place

Rainbow Flower Headbands - And Jane

Mango Papaya 3oz Votives - Classy Chic Boutique

Raspberry Sorbet Flower with Beanie - Ooh La La Baby



  1. Got to love the spring colors. You found some great stuff.

  2. Those are all wonderful items for Spring! That necklace is beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous choices you made! The necklace is stunning!

  4. Oh....thank you for that little blast of spring! I really needed that!