Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Favorites

I would be lying if I said I purposely didn't do my Favorites for Friday last week so I could do a special Christmas Favorites. I have to admit that for many reasons I'm not really a fan of this time of year. None of which are worth spending time discussing here...I prefer to keep things light-hearted. Needless to say, I decided to stop by and share some fun items I found over on Etsy that are representative of Christmas to me.

Candy Charm Bracelet, oogieboogiebaubles

<Peppermint Sparkles, dkjewels

Pacific Blooms, happymaxdesigns

Twelve Days of Christmas Bracelet, mjulian (my personal favorite of all)

So, despite my not so happy mood at the time of year, I would still like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season. I would also like to thank everyone for still stopping by my blog despite the fact that I find it so hard to keep it as updated as I had previously.


  1. what beautiful finds! my sentiments are with you about this time of year...bah humbug! anyways, have a wonderful day in spite of this holiday...hugz!

  2. Those are lovely and fun. I am trying to keep my personal Christmas experiences out of my blog too - who needs to hear such stuff any time of the year. Peace!

  3. Your finds are very festive and beautiful! I hope you have a nice holiday anyway!

  4. Wonderful holiday favorites! I love the peppermint earrings! Your blog is so nice and I hear ya about not being able to keep up on it. I am terrible about being consistant as well....happy holidays!

  5. This time of year is very polarizing, isn't it. Everyone demands that we be happy and want to get together with family and friends. There are so many factors that can drain the happiness away from a person, and the holidays and everyone singing "happy, happy" just makes it worse. Hang in there, pally. Plug your ears if you aren't feeling so joyful.

  6. A. you chose some gorgeous pieces and I agree with you in the favorites category!
    B. I hope you have a good holiday and celebrate the way YOU wish too.
    C. You know I wish nothing but good things for you in the coming year!!