Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Happened To Autumn?

While blog hopping, I've noticed that for some of you Autumn seems to have lasted a week at best. Sheesh, they even had to postpone one of the Baseball games of the Playoffs being held in Denver because of extreme cold. The field was covered in frost and they couldn't play. I have to say that last weekend we were sitting by the pool here in Las Vegas but as of yesterday it looks like we are starting to get our Fall weather. It was windy and cloudy yesterday and today, more of the same. We probably won't get much in the way of rain until later in the year which is always a shame since we really need it. You know it does get pretty cold here in the desert during the winter months.

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Yeah, okay I know it isn't going to be anything like it will be for those of you back East or in places such as Colorado but for us here it is real cold. I always found it funny how people moved to Las Vegas and would complain all summer about the temperatures when they are well above 100, sometimes over 110. Then when it gets to Winter they complain about it being cold!


Fortunately, we do keep a few warm weather jackets around and of course, since I used to crochet I have quite a few hats around. Plus we have to have them around for those Summer visits to San Francisco (lol) and when we head back to England which inevitably is at Christmas time. I did catch the weather forecast for this weekend in Las Vegas and it looks like I will be by the pool again, no need to pack away the bikini yet. So till then I'll just stay indoors away from the wind and cold. I just hope all of you are able to stay warm and I'll be thinking of you when I'm lounging poolside this weekend!


  1. I'm jealous and already missing our bikini weather. I do love Fall here in PA, but come January we are headed to the Bahamas to re-warm our blood.

  2. It does seem like we are having a short and wet fall here for sure. Thanks so much for featuring my scarf in your post. As I was scrolling down I thought, what just happened did I click back over to my blog. It was a nice surprise to see it there.

  3. I wish I was still enjoying pool weather. We really didn't have much of it though this year. My step daughter used to live in Las Vegas so we always heard about how hot it was in the summer and she would freeze in the winter. We always said we would trade her.

  4. Glad you still have some bikini days yet to come this year! My mom called this morning and said she was freezing with the low 70s temps you are having. Crazy! I did hear the wind whipping across her cell phone though so I would think that's worse than the "cold" temperatures.

  5. We've had our first frost this morning! It's way too cold for October.
    Enjoy the warm weather while you can!

  6. you know, the 10 months i spent in california with a pool in the back yard was nice, but i really missed the seasons. i like the change.

    that is a beautiful pic you have up there, love the colors.

    i received the little clips today and they are wonderful! thank you so much! i will be sure and post a pic when my grandbaby will be able to wear them. have a great day my friend...hugz!