Thursday, July 2, 2009

Independence Day Sale

I'm not big on holidays in general but I have always enjoyed Independence Day. All the fireworks and community goings on. Yes, I have a serious thing for fireworks, whenever they go off I'm like a little kid running to see where they are coming from and watching them for ages. So, on that note I think I shall celebrate in my own way by offering a BOGO1/2off Sale in my Etsy shop. BOGO = Buy One Get One ...... half off (applied to the lesser priced item) from today (the 2nd) through Sunday the 5th. I can either refund the difference through PayPal or you can wait till I send a revised invoice....your choice. Don't forget that I always offer free worldwide shipping.

Oh and for all my Stateside blog friends (and the expats living overseas), I hope you have a great 4th! Stay safe if you are playing with fireworks and don't drink and drive.


  1. Good luck with the sale! Happy 4th to you too! Hope you got to see some lovely fireworks yesterday:)

  2. Hope you do well with your sale!