Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fossils .....

and no I'm not talking about my Mother-in-Law again! Don't worry, she always says "I'm ancient!!" so she wouldn't be offended by that. No, I'm talking about a real fossil that someone dug up and made into this gorgeous cabochon. Last weekend the Intergem show was here in Las Vegas and the Southern Nevada Gem & Mineral Society asked for volunteers. Well, since I'm sitting around the apartment all day and my eyes are going square from looking at the computer and tv all day, of course I was more than happy to help. Friday, I saw these cabs and just had to have one. I ended up spending my Saturday night wrapping it. I tried to keep the wrap simple since I really wanted the focus to stay on the cab. I'm planning on going back to the shop Thursday this week to cut the other slabs I bought last time and maybe get one done to wrap as I have some more square copper wire on it's way to me. I think this is one piece I shall be keeping for myself unless I got some crazy offer for it!

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