Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rocking With Rocks

Last December I sent off my application and the fee to become a member of the Southern Nevada Gem and Mineral Society. I missed the first meeting of the year but was able to make the latest one in February. Everyone I met there was very friendly and to be honest I know a bit about Gems & Minerals but nothing on these people. They offer classes for members, which is always a bonus as I love to learn new things. They had a cabochon class which I signed up for that night and they held it on Wednesday.

So, I get to the shop at 9am and the man in charge is Richard. He shows the three of us in the class the saws and other big machinery they have for the use of the members. Now comes the fun part, we get to go through all the slabs and pick out one to make into a cabochon. We get one that is included in the class price and of course we couldn't pick JUST one. The three of us were setting aside a few extras to purchase afterwards. The top photo is one of the extras I bought and this is how the slabs look before we cut, grind and polish them into cabs. The bottom photo is my finished cab. I was quite happy with how it came out since it was my first time. Total time of the class was about 3 hours and I learned alot and am very anxious to get back and make a few more. The Society also has field trips where you can go digging for rocks and other classes too. Of course, my dilemma now is what to do with my cab? I could wrap it in chainmail but I've done that before and I'm lucky to have hair after that experience! So, I'm thinking of trying my hand at some wire wrapping. I'd like to do something simple so the cab is the focal point and the wire wrapping is a compliment to it. Besides, I've got more to make so I can always wrap one in chainmail at a later date and of course there is always seed beads. So many little time!


  1. I love the cab and I'd love to do a little cabbing myself, but I know of no place like that around here. Oh well. But it would look fantastic wrapped in wire. If you decide to buy a book the best one I've seen is Wire Wrapping: Basics and Beyond by Jim Mackintosh. It's mostly cab wrapping, while a lot of the others are wigjig type stuff.

  2. How cool! You did a great job on the cab. Maybe just a bail for it to show off your work?

  3. That's awesome! You picked a neat slab.

  4. that worked out great! nice choice!

  5. You should be happy how that turned out - it's gorgeous! I can't believe that was your first time. Amazing!

    I think I would put it on a vintage cab finding that has a bail - and leave it at that. Your cab is stunning - the attention should be drawn to that instead of some fancy surrounding. Just my opinion. :)

    Please post what you end up doing - I'd love to see!